"Shrewdly funny... A vivid, propulsive rendering of a 21st-century classic"

Sam Marlowe (The Times)

    "Full of wit and wisdom"

    Lyn Gardener (The Guardian)

      "Wonderful, wonderful, not-to-be-missed production"

      Katie Jarvis (Cotswold Life)

        "It is a triumph of casting and performance"

        Corrie Bond-French (Gloucestershire Echo)

        "A thought-provoking couple of hours"

        Nicole Evans (The Public Reviews)

        "Plenty to admire"

        Maxwell Cooter (What's On Stage)

        "A true classic which every theatre-goer should see"

        Chris Brown (Polaroids & Polar Bears)

        "A good, well-cast production"

        Bella Todd (The Stage)

          "It is Steven Robert’s fragile Barbra Streisand-loving Posner who steals your heart"

          Catherine Vonledebur (Coventry Telegraph)


          MATT YEOMAN

            "Seldom does a young cast sing out with such passion and energy as they do in this impressive production."

            Anne Broom (The Stage)

            "Sell A Door deliver a lost gem to the regions and their Spring Awakening is the perfect antidote"

            Glenn Meads (Whats On Stage)

              "An absolutely phenomenal take on this infamous play"

              Tiffany Stoneman (A Younger Theatre)

                "The show's a delight, a clever synthesis of several stories involving a kind-hearted elephant "

                Michael Coveney (What's On Stage)

                  "Dramatic and comedic in equal measure"

                  Worthing Herald / Littlehampton Gazette

                    "A thoroughly good night out"

                    Pete Thorn (Leigh-on-Sea.com)

                      "A credit to the ingenious writing of Alan Bennett"

                      Phil Harrison

                        "A strong two and a half hour play "

                        Yellow Advertiser

                          "Needs to be seen"

                          Kim Tobin (MyTownSouthend)

                            "With a child-friendly duration, this joyous potpourri of loveable randomness will no doubt tug at a heartstring or two this Christmas season."

                            Jennifer Reischel (The Stage)

                            "Kids and Parents alike will be entertained, without fail."


                              "...impossible not to fall in love with"

                              MARK SHENTON (THE STAGE)

                                "The guaranteed full-on puppet sex fulfills its promise, and more"

                                JOAN DAVIES

                                  "Lucie-Mae Sumner, doubling up as the voice of good girl led astray Kate Monster and the vampish Lucy the Slut, is the stand-out star of the show"

                                  DANIELLE ROPER

                                  "A smashing success"

                                  REBECCA HASLAM

                                  "The sheer talent of the actors, slickness of direction and high standard of production make this as authentic as any Avenue Qs you may have skipped down before."

                                  PETE SHAW (BROADWAYBABY)

                                  "...left the theatre bursting with joy"

                                  ANDREW TOMLINS (WEST END FRAME)

                                  "This slickly produced revival..."

                                  TOM WICKER (TIMEOUT)

                                    "All seven actors are superb, individually and collectively."

                                    GARY NAYLOR (BROADWAYWORLD)

                                    "You’d be the Biggest Blame Fool to miss is."

                                    Alex Foott (West End Wilma)