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    A strong two and a half hour play ALAN Bennet's renowned play The History Boys is playing at the Palace theatre until Saturday. The play follows a group of unruly boys through their final term at sixth form and their path towards taking their exams to see if they can get into Oxford or Cambridge University. It also follows the plight of two teachers who try and educate the boys in how to succeed in the exams. A clash is created between the old school approach of teacher Hector and a supply teacher Irwin who is drafted in to boost the school up the league tables. The play also has an undertone of teacher Hector grooming some of the boys by taking them out on his motorbike, which leads to his dismissal. Set in the 80s the performance has a soundtrack of hits from that era. Occasionally the performance is interrupted by a song, some in French which could lead to confusion unless you are fluent in the language. The History Boys is a strong two and a half hour play and well worth watching even if you have seen the film.